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Who founded Luxembourg City? Count Siegfried acquired the Bock around 963 and built a castle on the site. Traditionally, this is considered to be Luxembourg City’s founding act. Jean l’Aveugle, another famous figure in Luxembourg’s history, was responsible for founding the Schueberfouer in the Middle Ages.

Under which part of the city’s old UNESCO-protected quarters do the military tunnels known as the casemates run? Bock & Pétrusse. The casemates belong to the fortress which is part of the UNESCO world heritage site. These tunnels run under the city and are over 23 km long, extending far beyond the UNESCO zone itself. Indeed, a large part of the casemates are located outside of the UNESCO zone.

The highly fortified Luxembourg was once known as what? The fortress of Luxembourg, which is part of the UNESCO world heritage site, was one of the strongest in the world, so much so that Luxembourg was often called the Gibraltar of the North.

To which fortifications do the semi-circular towers on the Rahm Plateau belong? The Wenzel wall was built in the years 1387 and 1395. With its six fortified towers, the Rahm Plateau is still largely intact. In addition to the teardrop-shaped Orth tower on the corner, three semi-circular towers run along the circular rampart with Dinselpuert and, a little further up, the historical gate to Trier.

Is the funicular part of Luxembourg’s UNESCO zone? No. The funicular railway stations Pfaffenthal and Kirchberg and Pfaffenthal railway station are outside of the UNESCO buffer zone. The border runs along the outer side of the Vauban towers.

How many railway viaducts run through the UNESCO zone? Five. The five viaducts include the one constructed when the central station was being built that carries traffic from the city centre to the central station area, the viaduct between the central station and the Rahm Plateau, the first Clausen viaduct above the Rives de Clausen, the second Clausen viaduct above Pfaffenthal and a small viaduct in Hiehl. The railway runs right through the UNESCO zone in a segmental arch.

What creature is said to have been involved in the founding of Luxembourg? Melusina is said to have been Count Siegfried’s wife. She married him under two conditions; that she would never have to leave the Bock and could be alone on Saturdays. The count kept his promise and acquired the Bock, resulting in the founding of Luxembourg. However, he did not keep his other promise, discovering one Saturday that Melusina was in fact a mermaid, upon which she disappeared instantly.

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